eSports360s.com is Ghana’s leading gaming and eSport website, with the aim of providing authentic, and reliable gaming, and eSports content for its cherished readers. The mission of this website is not to only provide trending contents in the gaming and eSports industry, but to also become a vibrant part of the eSports community in Africa as the community seeks to become a powerhouse in the global eSports industry.

Our Main Objectives:

Our main objectives are as follows:

  1. To provide trending content: One of our objectives is to help lovers of video games and eSports be acquainted with the trending news in the industry across the continent and the world at large.
  2. Provide tips and tricks for gamers: The site is also determined and committed to helping its readers become better gamers through the gaming tips and tricks it will provide them.
  3. To help readers understand eSports: Another objective of the site is to help its readers understand what eSports is, the benefits involved and the need to develop it.
  4. To help eSports expand: eSports360s.com also seeks to help develop eSports in Ghana and across Africa. The site has a good relationship with the eSports community in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and other African countries and hopes to build on that to achieve its goals.

Our categories and menu

To help easy navigation on our site, eSports360s.com has organized its content into four main categories, with each category having its own sub categories. Below are the categories and their respective sub-categories.

  1. Gaming: Mobile games, laptop games, Tips and Tricks, News, Online gaming
  2. eSports: eSports Ghana, eSports Africa, News, Interviews, Events, Features.

Our values

eSports360s.com hold in high esteem the following values.

  1. Respect for readers and clients:eSports360scom will strive to provide our readers with the best of contents in relation to our objectives. It will also ensure that clients who advertise on the site are treated with respect and helped to achieve their marketing goals.
  2. Accuracy:eSports360s.com will under no circumstance publish inaccurate contents that will mislead our readers. It is our goal to always provide factual, authentic, and reliable content.
  3. Readability: eSports360s.com will ensure that content published by its authors have a higher readability score. This is to help our readers fully understand and process the contents we publish. The site will under no circumstance allow a post will low readability score to be published regardless of its importance.
  4. Gambling and betting: Under no circumstance will the site publish contents on gambling and betting.
  5. Sexually Explicit Content: eSports360s.com will under no circumstance publish content that is sexually explicit in nature.

Other services:

eSports360s.com also offers the following services:

  1. Featured stories for gaming and eSports companies and brands.
  2. Advertisement space for gaming and eSports companies and brands.


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